What Is Iontophoresis?

Iontophoresis is a medically proven method of removal of excessive sweating of palms, feet and armpits. It is based on the effect of very weak (thousandths of an amp) electric current of a suitable frequency and the particles of water on the areas of the body affected by excessive sweating. The patient immerses their limbs into ordinary tap water into which a weak electric current is supplied through electrodes. The current is generated by a special device, powered only by conventional AA batteries. For the armpit treatment, special electrodes are applied.

The device helps already after a week of use!

The maximum period for which the effects of iontophoresis occur is about three weeks. Normally, however, sweating recedes after 1 week of using the iontophoresis device. At the beginning of the treatment (if the device has never been used by the patient), the device is used regularly as instructed. After one to three weeks, sweating abruptly recedes while the effects of the treatment persist up to 40 days, depending of the type of the patient. After the initial phase of the treatment comes the maintenance phase during which the device is used only once in a while, when sweating slowly starts to return.

Those who use Electro Antiperspirant are very satisfied with its effects and do not feel any discomfort associated with sweating of palms, feet and armpits. Iontophoresis is, unlike other invasive methods of removing excessive sweating, without side effects and it is definitely the cheapest option (by buying rechargeable AA batteries, the costs of the treatment are close to zero).

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